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Written on 09.12.2021 at 20:49 by Gabriela Syren - News

Do you see the money on my body... All the bills?
findom money, your money that hugs my body so wonderfully ...

Why should you decorate your Christmas tree and throw presents around you when you know that your money can end up with me too, cunt?

Weak and addicted to ME, your mistress! Nothing makes sense without ME! Let's be honest, be grateful that I let you jerk your slave cock while you can send your Christmas bonus directly to ME via the tribute button! HAHA LET´S GO !!

I know your cock is hard if you fuck your account for me into red, deeper and deeper into the addiction for a great Christmas 2021! Will you get on my good boy list of 2021? HAHA give your best paybitch!

The top 3 will get a surprise in early 2022!

Gabriela Syren - News
Written on 01.08.2021 at 13:25 by Gabriela Syren - News

From 13.08.-22.08. I will be on vacation with MoneyPrincess Isabella. Exclusive photos and clips are ONLY available on this FINmessage channel! Be there when we enjoy cocktails on the beach, make luxury excursions, go shopping or just enjoy our lives!

This channel will only be available for 1 MONTH - after that it will be closed again!
Get exclusive VIP access NOW!

VIP - Fanclub

Gabriela Syren - News
Written on 26.07.2021 at 19:31 by Gabriela Syren - News

Do you want to serve me real? Finally put your money personally at my feet?

As a paypig this is your biggest dream, but what do all the maso slaves that adore me?

HAHA do you see the fat stream on that slave's body? That was my first test whip from the Femdom Hangover 2021 ... I'm a sadistic Findom goddess for a reason. So there are exactly 2 ways for you to serve me Real!

High tributes via cash and go - shopping and co - or you can endure a lot and let yourself be filmed! Of course you pay one way or another for a sadistic session with me! But if you let yourself be filmed, I'll cut the price in half!

Real Sessions -

Findom - Female Domination - Foot Fetish - Whipping - Smoking -

Pet play - Ballbusting - Chastity - Strap on (blow job) - Worship

Gabriela Syren - News
Written on 03.06.2021 at 22:58 by Gabriela Syren - News

You are waiting longingly for your official invitation to jerk off in June, aren't you? Let your brain fuck really soft, by ME in red shiny material that robs you of your senses! Did you spend your holiday so calmly? It's time for a bit of action, for an enjoyable and awesome start to the well-deserved weekend! Have fun with my new clip JUNE JERKER!

Gabriela Syren - News
Written on 23.05.2021 at 00:23 by Gabriela Syren - News

My new Clip Series! HAHA yes, your wallet will get fucked so hard!

Get yourself into another level of paying Me, your findom Goddess!! You know I will explore your deepest desire to pay a bratty princess like me! Get a short glimpse with these 4 pictures and fall on your knees for me!