Gabriela Syren

Gabriela Syren - sadistic findom Goddess

My name melts on your tongue, the sweetness makes your heart rustle, while the sharpness points you to your place!
Surrender, on your knees, to lay your life at my divine feet!
This is the path you will take on my homepage! Absolute dedication to ME!

My name is Gabriela Syren and you will address me with goddess.

For many years I have dominated submissive men, chastised slaves, locked my servants, blackmailed paypigs and took whatever I wanted! Without exceptions!

My biggest passion is money slavery. I am all about the sexual pleasure behind it! The higher the tribute, the more it tingles between my legs! Money excites ME! For me it's a sexual trigger, just like it should be yours, too!

Your dick should start working right now and also be triggered! It´s exciting, isn't it ?!

I will spin my web around you, slowly bind you to me more and more, without you noticing it! Never being able to escape me again! I love using my feminine charms paired with my dominance against you. You won't even notice how quickly you get addicted!

I love long-term slaves and maybe I'll make you one to get the most out of you! Your money, your workpower, your knowledge! Everything that is useful is also used by me, for my pleasure and benefit!

Would you like to learn more about my preferences? You can find many in my clipstore, you can now watch your first clips of mine! I would also soon like to live out my sadistic streak more intensively in real life and am looking for suitable slaves who can really take it! Do you think you belong to them? Then you can contact ME directly with a message!

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