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Written on 29.05.2022 at 20:20 by Gabriela Syren - News

You need more! So much more! Up for a challenge? Today i want to see you goon for me! How long can you jerk your dick for me? I want you to buy 3 of my JOI/GOON Clips to jerk away to! Send me a picture of you on your knees your dick in your hand when you climax with my clip in the background! Be a good boy and goon your sunday away with that task bitch!

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Written on 06.05.2022 at 20:40 by Gabriela Syren - News

My well-deserved vacation has begun, of course you now have exactly 2 thoughts! How can I pay the vacation of my goddess and is there any new addictive substance?

Haha you can be very happy little bitch, not only that every 2 days a new clip cums online for you to enjoy... No, you will also take on various luxury aspects. While I naturally enjoy my life!

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Written on 25.03.2022 at 18:01 by Gabriela Syren - News

Your only reason to breath is to get further and further into my addiction spiral!

With every divine picture, every clip purchase and with every message, you become more and more aware of how obedient you already are!

You will relapse even more for me! Your task today?

Buy 3 clips and get the 4th for free! You can choose the fourth one and send me a message with the title to tell me which one you want! The 4th clip may have a value of up to €50!

Let's start a successful weekend, paybitch!

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Written on 08.03.2022 at 00:21 by Gabriela Syren - News

Who is going to shop lingerie with me tomorrow?
Send at least 100 and let me take you with me into the changing room, bitch!

You want to see me first hand? Be with me and look at all the hot stuff i will try on and buy?  Tomorrow morning 10:00 am german time i will shop everything you ever dream of! Worship my body and be my good boy while i change!

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Written on 09.12.2021 at 20:49 by Gabriela Syren - News

Do you see the money on my body... All the bills?
findom money, your money that hugs my body so wonderfully ...

Why should you decorate your Christmas tree and throw presents around you when you know that your money can end up with me too, cunt?

Weak and addicted to ME, your mistress! Nothing makes sense without ME! Let's be honest, be grateful that I let you jerk your slave cock while you can send your Christmas bonus directly to ME via the tribute button! HAHA LET´S GO !!

I know your cock is hard if you fuck your account for me into red, deeper and deeper into the addiction for a great Christmas 2021! Will you get on my good boy list of 2021? HAHA give your best paybitch!

The top 3 will get a surprise in early 2022!