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Written on 25.02.2021 at 17:44 by Gabriela Syren - News

As you may have already noticed, your goddess has had an operation. It can take another 4-6 weeks until I'm really fit again. Of course I use you anyway, because there is no other way! From the coming weekend, however, team viewer sessions, slave training via voice messages and chat as well as telephone calls will again be possible. Everything in the fin and femdom area, whether sissy, paypig rip-off, disgust training, blackmail or chastity.

Gabriela Syren - News
Written on 24.12.2020 at 21:54 by Gabriela Syren - News

I wish everyone a merry christmas! If you load 100€ for christmas, you will get clips for 50€ for free as a gift! 🎁

Also there will be an exclusive clip that you can't purchase as a suprise!


24.12 - 26.12.20

Gabriela Syren - News
Written on 12.11.2020 at 22:35 by Gabriela Syren - News


With every top-up over 200 € you get a custom clip for free (5-6min)

I know you have been dreaming about it for so long!

You will now stop dreaming and start acting.

Top up your account and send me your kinky imagines, every dirty detail,

all your thoughts will become a game with fire!


The offer is valid until December 31, 2020

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Written on 05.09.2020 at 23:28 by Gabriela Syren - News

The leaves are slowly starting to change color and we are approaching the most beautiful MONTH of the year !!


To prepare you perfectly for this important month in which the most important things of the year happen, there are a few changes on my website!



I will post a wish list here by September 10th so that every admirer, slave and paypigs has the opportunity to prepare me a nice birthday! Of course this is a matter of course! There will also be a small contest for my birthday. You can find out what I have planned for this in my update post in mid-September! So you can be curious cunt!



Every clip with the topic of chastity is reduced by 50%! Finally your pussies should go into chastity for me perfectly prepared! I will also keep 10 slaves chaste for the full 31 days in October! Means you can apply! Just send a message to ME!

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Written on 01.08.2020 at 10:39 by Gabriela Syren - News

Finally the time has come! The release day!

My site has been under construction for weeks, months, but it's finally done! I look forward to catching you with exclusive content, surprises and even more addictive substances!

From 01.08.20 - 31.08.20 there is a RELEASE BONUS for you!

What you have to do for it? Every euro charged during this period counts!

Level 1 - 50 €

You get a clip for up to 15 € for free, just write me a message you would like to have.

Level 2 - € 100

You get two clips for up to 50 € for free, just write me a message you would like to have.

Level 3 - € 150

From now on it will be exciting, not only that you could already grab 3 clips with this sum for free, no you can put together a clip of your choice from now on! Your script, you just send me a message! (Duration 5min)

Level 4 - € 250

Fanclubmember for 3 Months

Level 5 - € 300

Session via Skype - 30 min - arrangement via message!

The top 3 slaves that charge the most in the period above get an extra surprise! So you should hold on to paybitch!

The customclip can take up to 2 weeks.