Gabriela Syren
You are always a Fool, not only on April 1st
You are always a Fool, not only on April 1st

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Let me introduce you to the hard truth beta - you are a loserporn addicted on the internet, that jerks to hot brat princesses like myself. You can´t escape! I am and always will be your life´s purpose, you pay, you jerk, you dream of ME! I just love to humiliate you - haha you will always be weak for my devine voice, my busty huge tits and the lough that you want to hear every moment of your day! Are you ready to accept the truth fool? Hmm im very honest, don´t you love that about me? Oh yes you do and while I tell you exactly who you are, your dick gets harder and harder - always and forever only for ME, your pretty bratty Goddess Gabriela Syren!