Gabriela Syren

Slave application

Your desire to serve ME is the most important thing in your life. For this reason you will apply for a permanent position with Me.

Send me a message now. I expect you to reveal a lot about yourself, because a proper application should be comprehensive:

Who are you?
What fetishes do you have?
What exactly are you looking for?
How can you be useful for me?

I like it when you lay your life at my feet! I want your body both as a worker and as an object of . I will shape your spirit according to my ideas until you are a perfectly functioning slave! For this I want your money and all your belongings because I will have earned it!

Your life is mine!

I stand in the first place and above everything!

Become a Syren!

Here are some of my preferences:

Armpit fetish, Adult baby, Anal training, Ass fetish, ASMR,

Ballbusting, Blackmail, BDSM, Brainfuck, Brat Girls, Cash & Go,

CBT, Crushing, Chastity, CUM Eating Instruction, Disgust Training, Humiliation,

Face slapping, Female Domination, Female Supremacy, Financial Domination,

Financial Cuckolding, Foot Fetish, Facial fetish, Giantes, Gloves,

Hair fetish, Hand fetish, Human Ashtray, Homewrecking,

Ignore fetish, In-tox, JOI,

Latex, Leggings, Lip fetish, Living furniture,

 Mindfuck, Nail fetish, Nipple play, Nylons,

 Outdoor, Pedal pumping,  pet play, PP's

Real Session Recording, Real Meetings, Rip Off,

Sadistic, Satin fetish, Shoe fetish,

Shopping Slave, Sissy, Skype, Smoking Fetish,

Socks fetish, Spitting games, SPH, Strap on,

Teamviewer, Tit Worship, Tickle fetish, Trampling, Toilets Upbringing, Toe fetish

 Voice fetisch, Voyeur fetish, Wax, WhatsApp, Whip, Whore training